Graphical User Interface for D-ITG 2.7  

What is D-ITG?

"Distributed Internet Traffic Generator (D-ITG) is a platform capable to produce traffic at packet level accurately replicating appropriate stochastic processes for both IDT (Inter Departure Time) and PS (Packet Size) random variables (exponential, uniform, cauchy, normal, pareto, ...). D-ITG supports both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic generation and it is capable to generate traffic at network, transport, and application layer." [D-ITG website]

Although it is a very useful software, it was missing a handy GUI. I started creating a user interface to ease configuration, handle the settings and comfortably start and stop the D-ITG tools.

This GUI is written in Java and should support any plattform D-ITG is and will be ported to. Basically it is a wrapper for the command line tools included in the D-ITG software. It supports all traffic settings of the version 2.6, now even with support for the decoder. It should support all features of version 2.6 and new features of 2.7b, except the source interface in versions up to version 2.8.
Feedback about bugs and useful new features are always welcome.



Download the D-ITG software and copy it to a new directory. Download the GUI and copy to the directory with the D-ITG files. You need the JRE 1.4 or later installed on your machine to run it. The JAR file doesn't need any parameters, Java although might. If the JAR file doesn't start, when you click on it, you might need to start it with the following command line.

javaw -jar itggui.jar

The rest of the GUI should be self-explanatory - if not, let me know! The custom traffic settings don't provide sanity checks at the moment and are not well documented within the GUI, so be patient.

If the sender stops immediately after starting, check the log for syntax checks.

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This software is provided and supported by
Volker Semken Email: volker(at)

If you encounter problems with the D-ITG using the GUI, please try to figure out, if it is related to the D-ITG software or the GUI. You can copy the command line from the GUI and execute directly on the command line. If it works, it is related to the GUI. In this case, get in contact with me.

I can't provide much support for the D-ITG project, althought we are in close contact. Please refer to the authors on issues related to their software. For more information about the D-ITG software please see the documentation on the D-ITG website at the COMICS group at Universita' degli Studi di Napoli ''Federico II'' (Italy). There are also a lot of publications and links to other traffic generators. Futhermore you can thank the senior investigator Antonio Pescape' [pescape(at)] as well as the other authors Stefano Avallone and Donato Emma and for their great software.

Licence and Disclaimer:

Licence: Currently freeware, you can use and distribute it freely, but without any charge. If you want to link to this page or publish the software on a website, media or via any other way, please get in contact with me.

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee that this software will work and will not take responsibility for any damage, this software has caused.

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click to see larger screenshot


D-ITG GUI 0.92 beta (253 kB) supports D-ITG 2.7 to 2.8

D-ITG GUI 0.91.1 beta (250 kB) supports D-ITG 2.6

D-ITG GUI 0.82 beta (237 kB) with templates

D-ITG GUI 0.72 beta (197 kB) with decoder support

D-ITG GUI 0.60 beta (160 kB) with multiple streams

D-ITG GUI 0.51 beta (127 kB) supports D-ITG 2.4

ITG source modification of 2.4.02 including Windows executeables

ITG source modification of 2.6.1b including Windows ITGSend executeables, fixes hanging Sender

D-ITG software version 2.4 for Windows or Linux.

ITG GUI edition of D-ITG:

All my modifications mentioned below have been integrated into 2.6.1. On some platforms though the sender might hang. A fix is listed in the downloads and this should be fixed in later versions of D-ITG 2.6.1b. This has been integrated into versin 2.6.1c of D-ITG. I recommend using this version in favour of this one.

ITG source modification to 2.6.1b including Windows ITGSend executeables, fixes hanging Sender

Due to some limitations and some missing support for the GUI within the D-ITG package I made some modifications to the standart source code of version 2.4 found on the D-ITG web site.

This package has the following changes to the main tree of version 2.4.02

- add missing #include for thread.cpp and timestamp.cpp. This allows compilation with the Dev-C++ 4 for Windows as descripted below.

- add fflush() to ITGSend, ITGRecv and ITGLog to force text output to ITGGUI. With the standard binaries text output apears after the process has finished.

- add a keyboard listener to allow ITGGUI to stop the processes in a smooth way. The standard binaries must be kicked out and this can result in data curruption in the logfiles.

- add a fix for the parser to match "-s", as this was not working - detailed instructions how to compile the source for Windows using

It also contains an extended version of the ITGManager that allows to send any command set to a ITGSender started with option "-Q" Dev-C++ 4

ITG source modification to 2.4.02 including Windows executeables


Software Disclaimer: I take no responsibility whatsoever for using tools in the previous list.