24.09.2013       ForEachBox Update
ForEachBox now also comes with a Windows installer making the setup process easier. Also all downloads now include the version 0.63 of Plink, which fixes security issues. If you use PuTTY, jump to the PuTTY download page and fetch to the latest version.

02.12.2012       ForEachBox 2.0.3 (beta) released
ForEachBox has been updaded to version 2.0.3. The macro support received a major overhaul and support for jump boxes and external data sources has been added.

30.11.2011       ForEachBox 1.0 (beta) released
ForEachBox is a scripting and automation tool for various Cisco devices. It supports the command line interface of the Cisco® Nexus®, IOS® and ASA series. It is implemented as a Java GUI and requires the Plink tool that is included in PuTTY.

16.09.2011       Version 0.92 of D-ITG GUI released.
It now supports all new features of version 2.7b (expept the source interface) and all existing features of should work with the latest release candidate 2.8rc1 of D-ITG.
It also fixes the CSV file export, which was broken with current releases of D-ITG.

12.09.2011       Album Franfurt online.
Hier geht es direkt zum den Bildern aus dem Zeitraum von 2001 bis 2007.
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